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Devine Bros. has been around long enough to know exactly what it takes to keep our customers warm or cool, and happy: warm customer service.

Dedication to you, our customers, first -- with friendly smiles and the team to offer them. It is our desire to help keep our customers' lives running smoothly and comfortably.

Our mission has never changed: "Let our family take care of your family."

Heating services
We offer our customers three (3) valuable service plans:
The "Basic Service Plan" is an inexpensive way to maintain your heating system without paying for parts replacement coverage you may not need.  The "Standard Service Plan" offers a more comprehensive coverage of maintenance and parts replacement.  The "Gold Service Plan" offers our broadest range of comprehensive coverage of maintenance, parts replacement and more. Service is available 24/7 with or without a plan.  To find out more, click here, or call 203-866-4421.

Air Conditioning
Repair and maintenance of your central air conditioning system is available to all our customers. No contract is necessary. Devine Bros. offers its own 16-Point Air Conditioning Tune Up which involves cleaning and inspecting the condensate drain, cleaning and inspecting condensate pump, cleaning or replacing air filter, checking blower belts and adjusting or replacing them, checking and lubricating the blower wheel and bearings, lubricating and checking all motors, checking the thermostat operation, checking the temperature drop across indoor coil, cleaning and checking the condenser, checking and tightening electrical connections, checking and cleaning the compressor contractor, checking the condenser disconnect switch, and much more.  To find out more, click here, or call 203-866-4421.

Devine Bioheat
Devine Bioheat is made by blending biodiesel with conventional heating oil. Biodiesel is a natural solvent, so that Bioheat actually cleans as it moves through the heating system. There are no furnace or system modifications required and Devine Bioheat costs no more then your current oil.

Devine Bioheat is a clean-burning home heating oil supplement produced from a variety of plant products, grown right here in the U.S.A.  It requires no heating euipment modifications, costs, the same as current home heating oil, reduces harmful emission of sulfur and CO2, and naturally cleans your current heating system.

Get the whole Bioheat story here, or contact Devine Brothers today at 203 866-4421 to get started.

Hundreds of reasons to switch today: Lower rates: You can save 10 to 15% on the supply portion of your monthly electric bills.  Plus you are eligible for a $50 cash back bonus rebate* after you switch to Verde Energy USA.  

Reliable Service:
Your utility company still delivers the energy to your business on the same power grid you're using today.  No change in response time or guaranteed services. Simplicity: You'll still get the same bill you receive every month from your utility company. The only difference is that the supplier charge will be a lot less. Even if you pay your bills online, there will be no change. No risk: With Devine Bros./Verde Energy USA, theres no contract or long-term commitment. That's the power
of flexibility.